The Batang Kali landslide tragedy report was obtained at the end of this month


PETALING JAYA: The report on the findings of the Batang Kali landslide tragedy that claimed 31 lives would be obtained at the end of this month and then presented to the Cabinet of Ministers before being finalized for all parties involved to take further action.

Public Works Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi informed that his side, through the Public Works Department (JKR) in collaboration with relevant government agencies, is now preparing the final draft report.

He said among the elements that were taken into account in the completion of this report were soil investigation tests in the field and laboratory and data analysis.

“The data from this test must be analyzed to determine the failure mechanism by various experts, including geotechnical engineering and geology.

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“I understand that many parties, including the families of the affected victims, want to know or get the final report of the incident, so I assure JKR that they are doing their best to complete this process,” he said in a statement today.

Before this, several media outlets reported the complaints of family members of the incident’s victims, who questioned why the government has not yet issued a full investigation report on the tragedy.

They demanded a final report immediately to enable them to take steps forward.

The landslide incident at the Father’s Organic Farm campsite in Batang Kali on 16 December 2022 involved the second-largest death toll after the Highland Towers Condominium collapse 1992, which claimed 48 lives.

The tragedy at about 2.30 am in Batang Kali involved 92 victims, with 61 of them surviving while 31 died, including 13 children. – MESSENGER

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