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You must have felt how tiring it is to queue at the bank, right? It’s hot, it’s been a long time! Fortunately there is technology.

If you are a Bank Islam customer, you can do the same thing without having to queue long. Let’s enter the modern era with Bank Islam online login.

Bank Islam online login is the most sophisticated way for you to manage your money without the hassle of queuing or going to a bank branch.

You can access your account 24/7, save time and energy. Want to know how to enter? Don’t worry, we will explain the simple steps in this article.

Good to hear, you have your finances in the palm of your hand, you can check at any time! So, you don’t have to worry about arranging a time to go to the bank again.

What else are you waiting for? Continue reading this article, and we will share an easy way for you to log in to your online Bank Islam account.

Islamic Bank Online Login
Islamic Bank Online Login

What is Bank Islam Online (

Bank Islam Online ( is an online portal provided by Bank Islam to make it easier for you, their loyal customers, to access banking and financial services more efficiently and quickly.

In the fast-paced modern world, Bank Islam online gives you the opportunity to manage your accounts and financial transactions without having to go to a physical bank branch.

In the online Bank Islam portal, you can perform various financial transactions such as checking account balances, making money transfers, paying bills, as well as managing loans and investments, all with just a few clicks.

This makes your life easier without having to stand in long queues or deal with traffic jams.

In addition, you can also get access to your account statements online, making it easier to control your finances and expenses.

Why You Need Online Login

Logging into an Islamic Bank account online has various benefits:

  • You can access your account from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • You can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays.
  • You can easily perform various types of online transactions, such as money transfers, account balance checks, bill payments, and more.
  • By logging in online, you can always control your finances and make changes to your account such as changing passwords, updating personal information, and more.

Bank Islam Online Banking Registration Requirements

To register a Bank Islam Online Banking account, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Age 18 years and above: You must be at least 18 years old to register a Bank Islam online banking account.
  • Current Account/Personal Savings: You must have a current or personal savings account at Bank Islam. This means you must already have a bank account with Bank Islam before you can register for their online banking.
  • Sole Proprietor Account: Apart from a personal account, if you are a sole proprietor of a business, you can also register for online banking. Bank Islam allows single owner accounts to access this service.
  • Islamic Bank ATM/Debit Card: You must have an ATM or Bank Islam debit card. This card will be used as an authentication tool during the registration and activation process.
  • ATM PIN: Make sure you have a valid ATM PIN. This PIN is required when registering for online banking.

Once you have met the above conditions, you can start registering a Bank Islam online banking account.

Islamic Bank Online Register

If you want to register for Bank Islam online banking, just follow these simple steps:

  1. You have to login to the website .
  3. Read and understand Terms and Conditionst given.
  4. Select ATM/Debit Card.
  5. Enter a number 16 digit ATM/Debit Card You and also ATM PIN.
  6. Create USER ID, Passwordand fill in the other information requested in the screen.
  7. Make sure all the information is correct, then click Confirm.
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully registered for Bank Islam Internet Banking.

If you receive an SMS after registering as a First Time User, it is a confirmation that you have successfully registered for Bank Islam online banking.

But if you do not receive an SMS after registering as a First Time User, it may be because your mobile phone number has not been registered correctly in Bank Islam’s records.

To solve this problem, you need to go to the nearest Bank Islam branch and register your mobile phone number with them.

This way, you will receive a confirmation SMS for your online transactions and login more effectively.

Islamic Bank Online Login

Now, let’s get into the steps on how to log into your Bank Islam account online.

Here is how to login to Bank Islam online:

  1. Open your web browser and type the address of the Bank Islam online website, ie
  2. Look for the button Internet Banking Login which is usually located at the top right of the page. Click this button to start the login process.
  3. On the login page, you will be asked to enter User ID Bank Your Islam.
  4. Confirm Private Word You. Click Yes.
  5. Then, enter Password Your Islamic Bank account in the appropriate space.
  6. If your information is correct, you will be taken to your Bank Islam Online account. Here, you can start doing various financial transactions such as checking account balances, making money transfers, paying bills, and more.
  7. After you have finished using your Bank Islam account online, make sure to log out securely.

Remember, do not share your login information with anyone and keep your password strong and complex to keep your account safe.

GO By Bank Islam Mobile Banking

App GO by Bank Islam is a mobile application released by Bank Islam.

GO By Bank Islam Mobile Banking

So, what’s the best thing about this app?

  • Mobile Banking: App GO by Bank Islam allows you to access your Bank Islam account via mobile phone. So, You can make transactions and check account balance anytime and anywhere.
  • Money transfer: You can transfer money online between Bank Islam accounts or to other bank accounts. It’s easy to pay bills and send money to friends or family.
  • Topup: This app also allows you to top up phone credit and pay certain bills, such as phone, electricity, and water bills.
  • Check Transaction History: You can check your ATM or credit card transactions directly through the GO app.
  • And many more.

So, this app not only simplifies your banking business, but also brings various other facilities at your fingertips.

If you are a Bank Islam customer, make sure you download the GO app and try the facilities offered for yourself

How to Login App GO by Bank Islam

If you want to log in to the GO by Bank Islam App, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the GO by Bank Islam App from your phone’s app store.
  2. Open the GO by Bank Islam App.
  3. Type it USER ID and Password You.
  4. Push Button Login.
  5. If the login information is correct, you will be taken to your online banking account.
  6. Congratulations! Now you can make transactions and check accounts easily through App GO.

Remember to keep your login information safe and log out securely every time you finish using this application.

Unable to Login Bank Islam Online

If you cannot log in to Bank Islam internet banking, it may be because the information you entered is incorrect.

For example, the USER ID or password you typed may not be correct.

So, if you get a message iinvalid user informationtry these steps:

  • Make sure you type the USER ID and password correctly. Remember, it is case sensitive.
  • If you have tried several times and still cannot log in, it is best to contact the Bank Islam Customer Contact Center at 03 2690 0900 or send an email to for help.

There may be other reasons as well that cause login problems, so contact them for the necessary help. Don’t worry, they will help you solve the problem.


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