How to Withdraw Money at an Islamic Bank ATM Machine RM5,000


If you want to know the easy way to withdraw money from a Bank Islam ATM machine, you have come to the right place. This ATM machine is like your best friend that you never have, right?

He can always have cash when you need it. So, in this article, we will share the steps for you to withdraw money from a Bank Islam ATM machine.

No need to worry about finding a bank or counter, this ATM machine makes your life easy.

How to Withdraw Money at an Islamic Bank ATM Machine
How to Withdraw Money at an Islamic Bank ATM Machine

Getting to know Islamic Bank ATM Machines

Before you dive into ways to withdraw money, first of all, we need to understand how Bank Islam ATM machines work.

Bank Islam ATM machines are automated machines that allow Bank Islam account holders to make various transactions, including cash withdrawals.

Each Bank Islam ATM machine usually has several important features:

  • Card Slot: Where you insert your card and remove your ATM card after the transaction is complete.
  • Priority Number: Keypad to enter your priority number (PIN).
  • Options: Touch screen or button options to choose the type of transaction you want to do.
  • Cash Slots: Where you will receive money after withdrawal.
  • Receipt: To print a transaction receipt as a payment record.

Now, let’s see the steps on how to use Bank Islam ATM machine.

Transactions That Can Be Done at Bank Islam ATMs

At Bank Islam ATM machines, you can make various types of transactions that make your life easier.

Here is a list of possible transactions:

  • Payment of financing accounts
  • Check book application
  • Statement application
  • Mini statement application
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Top up prepaid phone
  • Islamic Bank card payment through the Money Transfer menu
  • Updating phone number for internet banking (IAC)
  • Bill payment
  • Contribution to YPEIM
  • ATM card pin number change
  • Payment of IPT Fees

So, Bank Islam ATM machines not only allow you to withdraw money, but also carry out various types of transactions that facilitate your financial management.

Islamic Bank Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Bank Islam’s withdrawal limit refers to the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from your account in a certain period of time.

In Bank Islam, the withdrawal limit at ATM machines is a maximum of RM5,000.00 per day.

So, this means that you can only withdraw up to RM5,000.00 in a day from an ATM machine.

It is important to note that this limit varies depending on the type of account and the rules set by Bank Islam.

So, make sure you always check the withdrawal limit that applies to your account so that you don’t breach the limit.

How to Withdraw Money at an Islamic Bank ATM Machine

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can withdraw money from a Bank Islam ATM machine with a bank card:

  1. Find the nearest Bank Islam ATM machine to your location. Bank Islam ATMs can be found in various places such as bank branches, shopping centers, etc.
  2. After you arrive at the ATM machine, insert your ATM card into the slot provided.
  3. On the ATM machine screen, you will be asked to enter your priority number (PIN). Type it PIN number You with secrecy and caution.
  4. Select Islamic Bank transaction.
  5. In the main menu of the ATM machine, you will be given various transaction options. Choose an option Cash Withdrawal.
  6. Select the account to make the withdrawal (if available).
  7. Now, the ATM machine will ask you to enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. Type the desired amount.
  8. After you type the withdrawal amount. Press That’s right.
  9. The ATM machine will process your request and withdraw the requested cash.
  10. The ATM machine will also print a transaction receipt as proof of payment. Be sure to keep this receipt as a record.

Once you have taken the money and the receipt, your cash withdrawal transaction is complete.

Be sure to remove your debit card from the ATM machine and make sure you leave the ATM machine area safely.

Forgot PIN number of Bank Islam card? Follow the steps below to overcome forgetting the PIN number of the Bank Islam card.

Islamic Bank Minimum Balance

The minimum balance of Islamic Bank is like the minimum limit that must be in your account. So, if you have an Islamic Bank account, you have to make sure there is at least RM10 in that account.

This minimum balance is important because it ensures that your account does not become completely empty. If it is empty, there is a possibility that Bank Islam will charge or close your account.

So, remember to always monitor your account balance and make sure there is at least RM10 in it.


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