How to Update Islamic Bank Transfer Limits at ATMs


You all must know that the transfer limit in this bank account sometimes does not suit your needs, right?

For example, you want to transfer more money than the existing limit. So, how to update the transfer limit is important so that you are not limited when doing financial matters.

In this article, we will show you an easy way to update your Islamic Bank transfer limit through an ATM machine.

With the steps we share, you can do it yourself without having to wait long at the bank counter.

Islamic Bank Transfer Limit Update
Islamic Bank Transfer Limit Update

What Are Transfer Limits?

The transfer limit is the maximum amount that You can transfer from one account to another account in one transaction.

It is a measure imposed by the bank to protect your account from the risk of theft or fraud.

So, the transfer limit is the maximum limit that you can withdraw at one time.

If the transfer limit is too high, it can open up opportunities for illegal or fraudulent activities.

So, by setting a transfer limit, the bank can keep the money in your account safe.

Islamic Bank Transfer Limits

Islamic banks also have transfer limits like other banks. For Bank Islam account holders, the transfer limit depends on the type of account and service you use.

Let’s look at some examples of common transfer limits for Islamic Bank accounts:

  • ATM: For transfers through the network of ATM machines, the transfer limit is usually RM30,000 per day. This means that you can transfer an amount of RM30,000 in one transaction.
  • Internet banking: Through Bank Islam’s internet banking service, the transfer limit depends on your account type. For regular individual accounts, the online transfer limit is RM30,000 per day. But, it can be different depending on the type of account you have.
  • Islamic Bank Mobile Services: For Bank Islam mobile service users, the transfer limit also depends on the type of account and service you use.

Update on Islamic Bank Transfer Limits Through ATM Machines

Want to know how to update the Islamic Bank transfer limit through an ATM machine? Come on, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your card.
  2. Choose the language you are comfortable with.
  3. Enter PIN number You.
  4. Select Islamic Bank transaction.
  5. Select Others.
  6. After that, choose Transfer Limit Update.
  7. Enter the option limit you want and press RIGHT.
  8. Don’t forget to take the transaction receipt as proof.
  9. If you don’t want to make another transaction, press NO and take your card.

Now you know how to update the Islamic Bank transfer limit easily through an ATM machine. So, if you need to change the transfer limit, you can do it quickly and easily.

You can change the transfer limit according to your needs, so you don’t have to worry if you suddenly need more money in your account.

If you want to pay a bill using an ATM machine, you can read the article on how to pay a bill using a Bank Islam ATM.

Remember, banking should be easy and hassle-free. With this knowledge, you can control your money more wisely without having to involve the bank every time you need to adjust the transfer limit.


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