How to Register BSN Phone Number Online, ATM and Branch


All banks in Malaysia now have internet banking, one of which is BSN. Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) has a BSN Online service known as MyBSN that can make it easier for customers to make transactions via smartphone or laptop.

MyBSN is very useful because it can help customers to make any transaction that can be done in a short time and safely.

To be able to use BSN online services, you must have a mobile phone number registered with a BSN ATM card and a BSN account through the registration process at the bank.

Register BSN Phone Number Online
Register BSN Phone Number Online

How to Register BSN Phone Number Online

Many people ask how to register a BSN phone number online or can you register a BSN mobile phone number using an ATM machine?

Here we share the steps on how to register the correct BSN phone number.

BSN Phone Number Registration Requirements

If you have opened a BSN account for the first time (first time), the bank officer will usually register your phone number as one of the conditions for applying for a new BSN account.

However, if your phone number has not been registered at Bank Simpanan Nasional, you must update your BSN phone number.

The conditions you need to provide to update your BSN phone number:

  • Debit/Credit ATM card
  • Passbook (if you don’t have an ATM card)
  • New phone number.
  • Money when needed.

Steps to Register BSN Phone Number

For information, how to change BSN phone number online or how to update BSN phone number for now cannot be done online. It has been a long time since updating mobile phone numbers through BSN ATM machines or through MyBSN is not available.

If you want to change your old phone number to a new phone number, please visit any BSN branch to update. For more information, please contact the BSN Contact Center at 1300 88 1900.

  1. Visit any nearest BSN branch
  2. Take the queue number for customer service purposes
  3. After your queue number is called, give your ATM card and your new phone number, ask the bank officer to update the old BSN phone number or ask to register a new phone number for BSN online (MyBSN) requirements
  4. The bank officer will give you a form to fill in, complete the form and give it to the bank officer.
  5. Wait 3 minutes, the bank officer will register your BSN phone number.
  6. After that, you are advised to update or exchange the old HP BSN number with a new one, you are advised to log in or register your MyBSN within 24 hours.

BSN Operation Hours

You are advised to update your phone number or register your BSN phone number on bank working days, following are the BSN operating hours.

Kelantan and Terengganu

  • Sunday- Wednesday: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Thursday: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Friday/Saturday/Public Holidays: CLOSED

All States except Kelantan, Terengganu & Johor

  • Monday – Thursday: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Friday: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday: CLOSED

Why Need to Update BSN Phone Number

You have to update the BSN phone number because it is important to ensure that BSN can contact you easily and provide important information about your account.

Below are some reasons why you need to update your phone number:

  • BSN may need to notify You of important transactions, such as large withdrawals or account-related matters. If your phone number is not updated, you may miss this important information.
  • In cases of fraud or suspicious activity, BSN may try to contact You to confirm the transaction or take security measures. With an up-to-date phone number, you can make sure your account is safe.
  • With an up-to-date phone number, you can simplify matters such as accessing online banking services (TAC/OTP verification) or using banking SMS services. This makes financial management easier.
  • BSN may also want to send notifications about account balance or interest rate changes. With the latest phone number, you can receive this information accurately and quickly.
  • In addition to the phone number, updating personal details such as address is also important to ensure that BSN has your latest information in their system.

So, updating your BSN phone number is an important step to ensure your relationship with the bank runs smoothly, safely, and easily.

Be sure to always check and update your information if there are changes in personal information.

Register BSN Phone Number Online

Usually to register or update a phone number in a BSN account, you need to physically visit a BSN branch. Can’t be done online!

This is a security measure taken by many banks to ensure that customers’ personal information is carefully managed and protected.

The bank usually requires a verification process and identity verification directly when you visit the branch.

This is to prevent misuse of accounts or falsification of customer information. In addition, by visiting the branch, you can also get help from bank staff if there are any problems or questions related to your account.

Although it may be less convenient to go to a physical branch, this process is important for the security and reliability of your banking services.

Always make sure to bring valid identification documents and required account information when visiting the branch to update account information.

More information

If you have problems after changing your BSN phone number, you can contact the BSN customer service center at 1-300-88-1900

That’s all sharing this time about how to register BSN phone numbers online, hopefully the sharing above will help you.


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